Deep in Namibia’s vast Khomas Hochland mountain range, only 107km outside the heart of Windhoek, Portsmut offers the perfect arena for your hunting adventures to take place.

We are a secluded 100km south of Windhoek, on a 12 000-hectare piece of mountainous and lush bush veld of Namibia. 5 000 hectares of the farm is designated specifically for hunting purposes, while 7 000 hectares are reserved for cattle farming and free-roaming game.

Portsmut Game houses over 35 species of wild animals including the exotic golden Wildebeest and golden Sable. In addition to these are the Wild Namibian Ox, Blesbok, Eland, African Wildcat, Waterbuck, Impala, Warthog, Oryx, Zebra, Springbok, leopard among others. Bird watchers are also spoilt for awe with the huge variety of bird species.



 The Portsmut dream: Enchanting, adventurous and raw all at the same time

The entire farm is 100% eco-friendly and energetically dependent on solar and wind energy. These sources produce well in excess of what is needed on our modern farm complex. The Farmhouse is nestled on a hilltop to offer the most enlivening view. The same admiration applies to the view that welcomes you back from an adventurous game drive in the surrounding Hakos Mountains, one of the largest mountain ranges in Namibia. The majestic Gamsberg Mountain, a highly popular destination for astronomers, is visible in a south-western direction from the house.

The farm is in a summer rainfall area and so offers a lushly green countryside. The days are warm and call for cooling off in the swimming pool or sun downing on the Zebra Court or from any of our other strategically built terraces. Winter is a lovely time to visit, you will experience typically pleasing weather during the day and can enjoy a conversation around the fire in Boma.


 The Portsmut Team

Portsmut Game prides itself on its friendly attendants who strive to offer you excellent service at all times, and will endeavour to make your stay superb and unforgettable. Most staff live on the farm and have a wealth of in-depth knowledge of the farm history and lifestyle. The staff includes well-trained and experienced professional hunters (PHs) that will assist you throughout your hunting experience. The dedicated management and kitchen staff are ready to welcome you and will cater to your food preferences, and the farmhouse kitchen and entertainment area are accessible to guests at all times.



Map of Portsmut

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